Dad Investor exists to give those new to personal finance and investing a way to level up their knowledge, feel more in control of their decision making and ultimately give you a secure, enjoyable future that isn’t limited by money.

My vision is to to give adults confidence and empowerment of their financial situation.

My mission is to provide relevant, helpful information that triggers action and success with finance.

This site regularly publishes articles on a range of different financial topics. Thes includes how we spend, save, invest, plan, and think about money. Here are some you might find useful:

Articles to help you invest for the first time…

What to do when you’re desperate to take action // Think you’re ready to invest? Tell me your ‘Why’ // Create an investment plan and start building wealth // Be super at your super(annuation) in 5 steps // The best investment you can make

Articles to help you be a better investor…

Navigating through fear and uncertainty // Common investment mistakes I’m trying to avoid // My unbiased Sharesight Review // The problem with decision making

Articles to help you save money…

How I use goals and systems to create the right money habits // How to save money and win big // Maintain your money through awareness // Budgeting guide: How to build a healthy financial system // Do you keep a cash float?

Articles to help you think bigger about money…

How I’m improving my mindset to live a richer life // On spending horizontally // The three types of money hacks that improve my life // How I use goals and systems to create the right money habits // The problem with decision making

Articles from a unique perspective …

My biggest money wins and losses // So, you want to buy an investment property //Did you know you have an optimal age to be spending money? // What our family does to ‘get ahead’ // Budgeting guide: How to build a healthy financial system //My favourite movies about money

Articles to help with life changes…

Kids and finances – what to expect and what to consider (for new parents) // How I run the family finances // A beginner’s guide to personal finance // Combining finances with your partner: what you need to know

Who is behind this site?

Hi, I’m Tim.

I’m the author here at Dad Investor. I’m also husband, parent, family man, investor, debt survivor and local.

I help people who are either stressed and anxious about their money or those who are ready to level up and take the next step with personal finance.

I started the DadInvestor as I wanted to share and detail all my knowledge and experiences with money to date.

Profile photo of the Dad Investor Tim Ellis

I also wanted to write articles from a fresh perspective than what I see finance experts and bloggers doing. I’m not a FIRE guy, a methodical stock picker nor do I live in a spreadsheet.

I’m someone who has gone through a lot of major financial milestones as a single man, husband and now parent. Whether it be buying a house, getting married, investing in the stock market, car loans or working out maternity leave – I’ve been through it. 

I want to unpack what I’ve learnt and what I know so you have another perspective to add on your financial journey.

The aim is to make sure when you make financial decisions you are as educated as possible.

Let’s push forward and keep growing.

The worst thing we can do is not change.

Looking to make some change?

If you’re ready, then I’d love to share my articles and updates with you

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