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Warning: This is not a site from some guru on the motivation talk circuit. I do not have a book published. I’m also not some kid out of uni who thinks they have mastered the stock market. There is no YouTube channel. This is all free.

So why learn about money and investing?

  • You can stop going to sleep worrying about it.
  • You can stop thinking “one day…” or “wouldn’t it be nice…”
  • You can feel excited to spend money.

I’m serious. Learning about money is one of the best personal investments you can make. It can be easy, even if you’ve never been good at maths. 

I want you to know it’s possible for you to:

  • Control your spending
  • Make it easy to manage your finances
  • Stop feeling like you are ‘bad with money’
  • Do something more with it and invest
  • Get the power and capability to take action on your own terms

I know because I did it.

I’ve gotten myself out of debt, bought property, sold property, moved cities, bought shares, sold shares, had kids, supported a family on one income plus more. Not in that order but there is a lot I’ve been and done and I want to give you the lessons I learnt along the way.

I’m a dad who wants to build a safe and secure future for his family. I base this site on actual experiences and real results.

Learning about personal finance has been one of the best decisions of our family. We live within our means, afford what’s important to us and never ever stress about money.

This isn’t me bragging, but telling you it’s possible to turn it around.

You can get out of this dead end and get absolutely clear on what you should be doing.

Take the first step now. 

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